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CD101 Top 3 Contenders - VIP Columbus - Get To Know 'Zach Hume' - Devastation in Japan -

CD101 Day Top 3 Contenders

With CD101 Day just a couple weeks away it is time for the top 3 local bands, voted on by you, to showcase their talents. The Free 'CD101 Day Local Band Contest' will be at Outland (95 Liberty St.) Thursday March 31st @ 9:00pm with Wet Darlings, Phantods, and Culture Columbus favorite The Town Monster.

The 3 top contenders will be battling to the death on the main stage and the last band standing wins the sold out CD101 Day slot. Kidding on the bloodshed but would that not be awesome to have our own Columbus Celebrity Death Match?

The Wet Darlings and The Town Monster, with cameos from the Phantods, went on a Facebook video post battle to encourage people to vote for their band. The videos certainly pai
d off for these bands with being the top 3 chosen.

Again the show is Thursday March 31st 9:00pm at Outland, you must be present to vote, and the show is FREE why not attend?! Culture Columbus urges everyone to get out to this show and cast your vote... It is do or die time.

Eh and why not vote for The Town Monster who would not with their free April EP posting... It is definitely one to check out.


VIP Columbus

When stepping into the LGBT community of The Short North a name sure to be heard is Stawn Kaufman. He is not just another socialite of our parts but quite the event savy guy. Kaufman created a local Facebook group called ColumbusVIP which brings the LGBT community together through event postings. Events are focused on Columbus top gay bars such as Axis Night Club, Union Cafe, Level Lounge, Exile Bar, Cavan's Irish Pub, and Trafik.

ColumbusVIP stands out to Culture Columbus by members being able to post their own events and comments on the wall. It is fascinating to see such a dynamic group offering members to add their own postings, suggestions, and events.

For more on ColumbusVIP be sure to checkout the groups Facebook page by clicking ColumbusVIP. Culture Columbus had the great pleasure to talk with the creator Stawn Kaufman to get know more about this new wave LGBT group.

Culture Columbus: Stawn what is ColumbusVIP?

Kaufman: ColumbusVIP provides on-demand information about LGBT events and nightlife in Columbus, Ohio. You can find discounts, show times and other information about events in the city ranked #4 in the world for its nightlife & bar scene by

Culture Columbus: How did you come up with ColumbusVIP?

Kaufman: I've been producing and promoting events for over 5 years in Columbus, Ohio. When I started, we didn't have Facebook as a promotional tool. It was there, but not in use by everyone like it is today. Once it gained momentum, members would send out a Facebook invite for every event, spamming their friends and other users. ColumbusVIP is the solution to that problem, allowing users to effectively opt-out from receiving unwanted event information.

Culture Columbus: Do you plan to have ColumbusVIP branch out more from it's main focus being events?

Kaufman: ColumbusVIP serves as a channel to the LGBT community
for not only events, but community outreach, charity fundraisers
and political causes.I would love to see this happen more as we continue to grow.

Culture Columbus: Do you feel ColumbusVIP brings the LGBT community closer?

Kaufman: ColumbusVIP gives us a page that is constantly live, where anyone can have questions answered or browse information about local and national happenings. It is also moderated, to keep spam and bots out. Having a safe place that is easy to access, where we can connect with our community makes our group stronger and more effective in any initiative.

Culture Columbus: How does one get involved with the ColumbusVIP group? Is it VIP only (haha)?

Kaufman: We are definitely NOT VIP-only! Every brand needs a name
that is concise and recognizable. The name sticks out in your mind
and makes everyone feel pprivileged to be a member. That is the effect I wanted to create, so the name fits. The
response has been amazing.

Culture Columbus: What is next for you and ColumbusVIP?

Kaufman: My first thought was to create a city-by-city "franchise", if you will. That is no longer something of interest, because within a week there were sites like ColumbusVIP popping up in other cities and metropolitan areas around the nation. These sites are not affiliated with us, typically are not as well branded, and are near to never moderated. They can still provide some good information about local events, but I am hoping to develop something more here. As with every brand, you never know in the beginning where you will end up. Having LGBT community as rich as ours presents endless possibilities for ColumbusVIP.

Be sure to check out the event page for upcoming events in Columbus LGBT community or to post your own! But one must become a group member first and remember you do not have to be VIP anyone can join!


Get To Know 'Zach Hume'

Columbus has many music venues for local bands to play, among them are Circus, Skully's, and Ravari Room, and if you have been to any of these 3 venues surely you have heard one TRIO Productions shows. Zach Hume is the founder of TRIO Productions, where he works with the bands to showcase and promote their talents.

Burglar, The Town Monster, and George Elliot Underground are some of the bands TRIO has promoted. TRIO just showcased Burglar's CD release party a few months ago at Skully's, it was definitely a blow out show with fans packed wall to wall.

Culture Columbus is down with TRIO Production bringing the best in Columbus local music. For more of TRIO check out the interview with Zach Hume or follow on Facebook.

Culture Columbus: Zach what is TRIO Productions?

Hume: TRIO Productions is a new local production company in Columbus, I do local shows at Circus, Skully's, Ravari, and other local venues and a few out of town. I work with Local and touring bands and the goal is to grow the local scene, bands, and TRIO.

Culture Columbus: You seem like quite a motivated individual what made you decide to come up with TRIO?

Hume: Well it was not intended it just happened. In 2009 I did a Benefit show with bands that I had friends in to raise money for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Research, and a few months later I did a benefit for Cancer Research. A local bar owner was impressed with the shows and asked me if I was interested in doing a monthly show. So in January of 2010 I did the First TRIO Showcase at Circus, with Burglar, Mount Carmel, and American Nude.

Culture Columbus: Do you want TRIO to take you onto bigger and better things? Give me the break down...

Hume: I would, I have been working with a label from NY called Rethinkpopmusic. I did a few shows in Columbus for them and they helped me book a few shows in NY and the east coast. In the last few months there has been a lot of growth and opportunities. It is exciting to see were the work is going, and where it can go. One of my next shows is for Rethinkpopmusic at Skully's with one of their bands “The Yes Way” on Saturday march 26th.

Culture Columbus: Since we have a grasp on what TRIO is lets do you... Where do you like to hang in Columbus?

Hume: you can find me at Bodega, Skully's, Surly Girl. I am in the short north most of the time. Clampdown is one of my favorite events every month, it’s at Ravari. Other than that it really depends on what shows or events are happening. I will try to get to some and try to avoid others.

Culture Columbus: Any favorite shows you have promoted recently? And why?

Hume: My First show at Circus was awesome! Burglar, Mount Carmel, and American Nude killed it. There were about 200 people there and it was just a really good starting point. The best show I have done was the Burglar CD Release show at Skully's in January. We had Phantods, and Two Cow Garage open and there was between 500-600 people. One of the best nights I have had. The NY shows were really fun too. If your ever in Manhattan go to Bowery Electric, and Brooklyn go to Spike Hill, they are killer venues.

Culture Columbus: What do you like about Columbus?

Hume: The best part of this City are the people! I have met so many amazing and talented people in this City. It has a great growing music scene. I am excited to see what direction it goes.

Culture Columbus: Plan to stay in Columbus for awhile what is your plan?

Hume: I would like to stay in Columbus and do what I can to help the scene and the bands I work with grow. But I am also looking into different opportunities that I have gotten, but ill always have a home base here in Columbus, I grew up here and have family here.

Be sure to check out TRIO's next show at Circus Friday April 8th featuring Hotel War, The Razers, and Low Men.


The main focus of this blog is to give people an inside look at events that go on around Columbus, to introduce them to people doing great things in the community, and to insight conversation and knowledge.

With that being said, we’re stepping outside of our small community.

On Friday 11th Japan was hit with an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale. This caused a 30-foot tsunami to sweep across the land. Death totals are approximated at 2,700, with 3,700 still missing. Entire cities wiped away instantly. Lives changed forever.

I don’t want to write a dreary story about prayers, tears, and hypothetical situations. We all have imagined winning the lottery; do the opposite in this instance.

The most interesting article I read was about the strength of the Japanese affected. Little looting has been reported and there is a general calm amongst the citizens. This could be associated with a couple phrases of importance to the people; shikata ga nai and gaman. The first translates closely to “it can’t be helped” and is the general reaction to events that are outside of ones control. Gaman means to act with patience and perseverance when faced with a crisis or tragedy.


Oh yeah, then on Sunday the Shinmoedake volcano erupted, for the second time this year.

Not everyone prays, but everyone texts: REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

That’s cheaper than your bar tab will be this Thursday and probably as much as your March Madness entry fee.

-Matt Montell

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CD101 Day Dreamin - Queer to the Yoga - Cruisin Surly Girl Saloon Menu - 'Get to know' Mr. Rike - Tressel vs. NCAA

CD101 Day Dreamin'

The CD101 Day concert rolls into our Capital City in early spring. This year the concert date is set for April 9th @ The LC Pavilion located in the Arena District. The event sold out in the first week which definitely shows something for Columbus growing music scene.

Every year CD101 offers a shot for one Columbus local band to get a slot playing along side national headliners. This year the bands include Ra Ra Riot, Young the Giant, Deluka, Civil Twilight, and Fitz and the Tantrums.

The local bands up for this sweet deal are Phantods, Andy Shaw Band, Earwigs, Spruce Campbells, Lydia Loveless, Main Street Gospel, Wet Darlings, New City Gypsty, Wing & Tusk, and Culture Columbus personal favorite to win The Town Monster.

The Town Monster is an Indie Rock Experimental band formed here in Columbus. The group consists of Matt Grady - Drums, James Allison - Keys, Guitar, Hype, and Nathan Photos - Vocals, Guitar, Keys.

The bands musical influences come from many bands like Alice in Chains, Flamming Lips, Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails, and Pink Floyd. The Town Monster puts on high energy shows with twists of ground breaking keys and an indie sound, making them one of the front runners in playing in the CD101 Day sold out show.

Culture Columbus received a chance to sit down and chat with vocalist Nathan Photos to discuss what music means to him, the group, and what an honor it would be for them to play CD101 Day 2011.

Culture Columbus: You are in the band called The Town Monster what is the break down of what people can expect from you guys?

Photos: I am, indeed, in a band called The Town Monster. I wouldn't know what to tell people to expect from us, because I'm not certain myself. A lot of our art is spontaneous. We've been doing a lot more video and multimedia work lately. Last year, we made an EP every month and the result is a very diverse collection of songs. When we play shows, the setlist has been relatively steady for the year so far, but we've been very busy. We play a lot of shows. Lots of new live material coming soon, though!

Culture Columbus: You guys are up for a shot at playing CD101 Day how did this come about?

Photos: CD101 holds a contest every year for a local band to play a big festival with some top notch national acts. People vote on the band they want to see, and the top 3 play a showcase, and then there is a final vote for the winner. We made it to the top three last year. But this year, we're going to win. We have to! Deluka is playing, and I'm a big fan of them.

Culture Columbus: How can people vote for you guys to win this slot?

Photos: Just go to and you get a list of the bands in the running. Then you proceed to the 'Lounge' and click on the band you want to vote for. You'll have to make an account if you don't have one already, but it's quite painless and even has some advantages. Everybody loves winning concert tickets!

Culture Columbus: Any of the bands in the running for CD101 day make you nervous to be up against?

Photos: All of them, haha! Phantods have a lot of pull in this town, for good reason. They're all fantastic bands, honestly. The Wet Darlings came to our studio recently to do a Pat Radio session and I really can't speak highly enough about their band. They are really cool people and their music is mind-blowingly good. To be considered alongside bands like these is already a huge reward.

Culture Columbus: What would it mean to you to play this showcase?

Photos: Quite a lot. We're trying our best to win this thing (like doing a series of short comedy clips on YouTube encouraging people to vote for us). There are endless reasons, namely that it would be a blast. Every band in Columbus wants to play at the LC, I'm sure. I've seen more of my heroes on that stage than I can count. And as I said before, I love Deluka. I know James is a huge Ra Ra Riot fan. Playing with acts you love is a great honor. Aside from that, it's a huge opportunity.

Culture Columbus: You said you are a fan of Deluka, I am a fan myself, what do you admire about them? And how great would it be to play in the same showcase?

Photos: I just think they're a great band. They write very solid pop songs. And they're gear heads. It's no secret I'm a huge technology nerd, I love synthesizers and pedals and software, so it would be really awesome to get to play with them, and hopefully talk to them about the kind of stuff they do with their equipment. That sounds dirty but it's not.

Culture Columbus: Would CD101 Day be your biggest show to date? And if so how do you prepare for something this big?

Photos: I'm not sure, honestly. We opened for Weezer last summer, and there were thousands of people there. CD101 Day is sold out, and the LC has a capacity of 4500 people, so it definitely has the potential to be our biggest show. It is an overwhelming feeling to play for that many people, and in my limited experience, there's no way to emotionally prepare for that. But we will certainly be practicing a lot, and if we win we'll certainly do something special.

Culture Columbus: Any shows coming this month and where can we catch you guys?

Photos: Yes! Friday the 11th at A&R Bar (right outside the LC) opening for Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers. Then we have another one Friday the 26th at Circus with TK Webb, Alana Amram & the Rough Gems, and Johnny Newman of Floating Verses. And HOPEFULLY we'll be playing March 31st at Outland for the CD101 Day Final 3 Showcase!

Culture Columbus: Any final words on what getting this shot to play CD101 Day would do for you?

Photos: We know this opportunity is nothing to sneeze at. We are going to fight very hard to win this thing, but just being involved is very flattering and it means a lot to us. There are some really amazing artists in the running this year and we think the world of them. That's a great feeling, to know that we'll be really happy for whoever wins. Columbus has so many great bands and it's a huge privilege to be involved in this scene.

If this interview is not enough for some of you to open a new window and vote for them then be sure to check out there up and coming show...

Friday, March 26th @ Circus
w/ TK Webb, Alana Amram & the Rough Gems and Johnny Newman of Floating Verses


Queer to the Yoga!

Who knew Columbus was such a big city for Yoga! Culture Columbus is definitely in love with the practice. There are many place around our little hub where one can indulge in the practice of Yoga but one certainly stands out, Queer Yoga!

Queer Yoga is in affiliation with a network called Queer Behavior which focuses on issues, events, and news surrounding the LGBT community. This network brings non queer and queers alike together to practice Yoga in a safe and judgment free space. For more on Queer Behavior be sure to check out there website.

Culture Columbus had the chance to discuss Queer Yoga with the classes instructor Lauren Strawn and find out all the hype!

Culture Columbus: What is Queer Yoga?

Strawn: It is an affordable alternative to the typical studio class for folks who identify as Queer, and their allies.

Culture Columbus: Did you start Queer Yoga? If so how come? If not who did? (I will have to have a chat with them too).

Straw: This was the brainchild of the folks of Queer Behavior. I blame Caleb and Zach. They got the ball rolling, and I get to show up every week and have an amazing time teaching!

Culture Columbus: How did you get involved with Queer Yoga?

Strawn: I had worked with Caleb years ago (before I started teaching yoga), and one day he approached me about an idea for a yoga class for the folks who were a part Queer Behavior. I was flattered that he asked, and loved the idea of a Queer-focused class so much that 2 weeks later, we had our very first class at 83 Gallery.

Culture Columbus: What do you get out of instructing these group of individuals besides and great workout?

Strawn: Cookies! Well, I also get to spend an hour or so with a group of really dedicated, kind, and energetic folks every week. This group is always up for a challenge, which is really exciting to me. I leave feeling energized and happy each week.

Strawn: Any chance of growth for Queer Yoga?

Culture Columbus: I am certainly working towards that! It is my goal to have a space for Queer Yoga to exist 2-3 times a week, perhaps more. We are only half a year into it, and classes are continuously packed. We have to grow at this point.

Culture Columbus: Do you have any hopes/dreams for Queer Yoga?

Strawn: I would love to do workshops. I have a few ideas. Basically, I would like to go a little more in depth with things like Pranayama (breath work), meditation, and more advanced poses. I think a weekend workshop would be amazing.

Culture Columbus: Has Yoga always been a passion for you?

Strawn: Movement in general is. I'm fidgety. I'm always doing something! I was a dancer until I came to Columbus to attend CCAD. While I was there, I couldn't figure out a way to get through the intense workload without losing my physical and mental health. Someone offered a free yoga class one evening, and I knew I had found what I needed to stay on track.

Culture Columbus: Do you practice Yoga throughout your day outside your classes?

Strawn: I think I'm always doing some kind of Yoga, even when I'm not paying attention. My home practice is different than some might think. It might involve taking 10 deep breaths, and doing a few gentle stretches to quiet my mind. Teaching Yoga is not always relaxing (though it is the best job on earth).

Culture Columbus: Any words about how awesome Queer Yoga is to the readers?

Strawn: Goodness... we are really lucky to have something like this in Columbus. It is a unique and exciting class that is not easy to put into words. You'll just have to check it out for yourself!

Lucky Culture Columbus has been able to check out the Weds. class offered by Queer Yoga and we give it two thumbs up! Interested and checking out Queer Yoga? Make it to one of the classes! Again classes are held every Weds. from 7:30 to 8:30 at Gallery 83 in the Short North. Remember 5 dollars for students and 8 dollars for non-students. In closing do not forget to bring you own Yoga Mat! Stops fill up!


Cruisin' Surly Girl Saloon Menu

Columbus own Rock n' Roll Saloon hits the ocean this Dine Originals week cruising to Mexico and the Caribbean - Well actually the bar is not sailing the high seas but the Dine Originals menu sure is! You will still be able to find Surly Girl in the Short North located at E. 4th and High St (1126 N. High St).

Surly Girl Saloon has been involved in Dine Originals Week since it open five years ago and this year is no different. The menu this time around is a mix of Mexican and Caribbean flavors from jerk
chicken to cheesy pollo relleno.

Culture Columbus had the great pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Surly Girls Kitchen Manager Lara Ranallo to discuss this off coast and pirate chic menu.

Culture Columbus: Lara for those who do not know what is Dine Originals Week? and What does Dine Originals mean to you?

Ranallo: Dine Originals week is a giant promotion for a lot of the local and independently owned restaurants in the Columbus area. Each participating restaurant is running a special on food encouraging guests to go out to eat and maybe a try a new restaurant they’ve never been to. Even you’re favorite restaurant might be running a new special this week that you’ve never tried. A portion of the proceeds are going to Local Matters education programs. It’s really a great cause all around; it gets people to experience something new, brings in a lot of business for the restaurants, and supports a local organization.

Culture Columbus: Surly Girls menu this year definitely stands out! Any inspiration behind it? Any funny stories?

Ranallo: There’s always a story! Every time we do a menu for Dine Originals Week we try to come up with a fresh, new idea – something different from our regular menu options. Themes are always fun for us. The idea came to me instantly when I walked in to a storage room and saw a case of Red Stripe lager sitting on a shelf. Memories of cruising went rushing through my mind, and I took the idea to Carmen Owens, owner and General Manager, who had recently just gone on a cruise to Jamaica. I also go on a Caribbean cruise every year and I knew this was the perfect way for us to relive our cruising memories. So we picked our two favorite destinations, Jamaica and Mexico, and we just ran with it. Once we had the concept, the rest was easy! I think our guests are always waiting to see what we’ll come up with next.

Culture Columbus: What is your favorite dish on this menu?

Ranallo: That’s a tough one! I’d have to say the Jerk Chicken entrĂ©e. It’s filled with a lot of unique Caribbean flavors. It’s a grilled chicken breast spiced with Jamaican Jerk seasoning over a bed of spicy black beans and topped with citrus Caribbean slaw (comprised of fresh cabbage, cilantro, sweet red peppers, watermelon, and other fresh ingredients) and finished with a mango coulis. There are a lot of great flavors on this dish that complement each other very well.

Culture Columbus: What do you hope this menus originality will bring to Dine Originals Week?

Ranallo: As I mentioned before, I think our patrons are always excited to see what we’ll come up with next. I hope people see our menu and get excited and want to come to our restaurant. And hopefully that will encourage them to try some of the other restaurants featured this week. I also hope other restaurants see our menu and see how much fun we have with it. I would love it if more of the restaurants did themed menus. I think it would make dining out a lot more fun.

Culture Columbus: Surly Girl is known for it's Cup Cake Of the Day, any new and interesting flavors going to be gracing the patrons this week?

Ranallo: Duh! This week we are featuring a Caribbean flavor of the day. So you might see something like Key Lime or Mango inspired cupcakes. My favorite this week is our Pina Colada cupcake. Pineapple and coconut cake with a coconut rum buttercream icing, and topped with a cherry! Of course, we always have our signature Red Velvet cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting.

Culture Columbus: Any final words you want to give out about your Dine Originals menu to the Columbus Locals of there?

Ranallo: Get out here and get eating. We really had a lot of fun creating this menu, and I think you’ll find that out when you see it. It’s bright and colorful and full of tasty Caribbean treats. I had a lot of fun experimenting and developing our recipes. I don’t think you’ll find another menu as entertaining as Surly Girl Saloon’s. Especially with this finicky winter weather, you should cruise on in and warm up with one of our Caribbean meals.

Be sure to check out all the cruise cuisine this week at Surly Girl Saloon this menu ends Sunday March13th!


'Get to Know' Mr. Rike

Jeremy Rike may have made it in the business world with starting his own, R&J Bar and Table Tops. But this Columbus local has a lot more
steam then most business savy individuals I know,
he records and mixes his own music.
His creations come from his every day life from being on the road, or air, traveling for his line of work.

Rike's creations can be found on Soundcloud under
the user name (Dose). Rike has recently come up in a few blogs for one of his latest tracks titled 'L7 Tearjerker'. The track received praise from potholes, a music blogger, and he referenced Rike shining through electronic and hip hop influence. Readers should definitely check out the article and the interview Culture Columbus had with Rike below.

Culture Columbus: Jeremy how did you get involved in creating music?

Rike: I got involved with music about 8 yrs ago. My roommate at the time had a few instruments (keyboards & drum machines) and we would mess around with them on occasion. Then one of my friends gave me a copy of Sony Acid. It was a computer based music program which allowed me to piece samples and small bits of songs together to make my own creations. This was more of a cut and paste type procedure that was extremely tedious but it opened the door to music creation for me.

Culture Columbus: Who are your main inspirations in creating this great sound? (be it family. bands, etc.)

Rike: My main inspirations for music creation stem from a variety of outlets. Musically I am very inspired by the late great J. Dilla as well as other musicians who push(ed) the limits of creativity to create a whole new realm of sound. I am also very inspired by human emotions and feeling as well as dreams and nostalgia. I do a lot of traveling and flying , and I find myself very inspired to create after a night flight home on a plane. Looking out the window to see nothing but stars, clouds and the minute scale of the city lights puts me in reflective state I prefer to be in while creating music and hopefully that shines through in the music.

Culture Columbus: Do you see your music taking you anywhere? Musically that is...

Rike: I don't see myself pursuing a music career, at least in the foreground. I do this because it is something inside me that I want to share with people in hopes that they "feel something" from it in return. I don't promote my music, send it to labels or blogs but I was recently discovered on accident. I was checking out some music blogs that I check on the reg and came across one of my tracks with a flattering write up and post. I geeked when I saw this because I never sent my music to anyone, it was just on my Soundcloud page for friends to hear. After seeing this I contacted the site and sent them a couple EP's I had recorded over the past year and they were posted with high praise on multiple sites including a landing on Hype Machine. I'm not trying to sound cool or special, but it was a pretty amazing feeling to get recognition for something you put so much of yourself into.

Culture Columbus: Is it just you cracking out these creations or are others involved?

Rike: I make all my music alone in my bedroom studio. I prefer to work alone because I am a control freak and I love to have creative control over everything going into the sound. It's just me, my machines, a good ambiance and Ms. Mary Jane.

Culture Columbus: Since we have heard about your music lets get to know you! Where would we most likely see you on a weekend evening out in Columbus?

Rike: On the weekends you can find me (if I'm not in the studio) hanging with friends around town. I live in German Village but prefer to hang in the Short North. During the summer we do a lot of backyard gatherings (which I prefer) but as far as the bar scene goes I'm a fan of Skully's and Circus for their music scene and spots like Bodega for more of a chill scene.

Culture Columbus: What is your favorite band, music, or group?

Rike: Anything but top 40. I do not have a favorite music group or band. I prefer to keep a broad spectrum of sound pumping into my ears at all times. I will say that I'm a big fan of the lo-fi aspect that a lot of indie" (I hate that label) goups are leaning towards these days though, keep it sounding a little dirty.

Culture Columbus: How do you like living in the Capital City?

Rike: I love living in the Cap City. I feel like Columbus has a little something to offer to a lot of people. I love all of the locally owned bars, shops and boutiques around town. It's no NY or Chicago, but it has a big city feel with small town hospitality and I like that.

Culture Columbus: Favorite place to eat in Columbus?

Rike: I don't have a favorite place to eat in Columbus, but I love all of the options. Brown Bag Deli and Betty's are great for a lunch bite and the Hubbard Grill is a nice addition for dinner. I am not fancy by any means but I will say that If I am going out for a "nice dinner" I hit Hyde Park for a good steak.

Culture Columbus: You always dress well where do you get your threads around the city?


Culture Columbus: Where do you live in Columbus? Do you enjoy it? If so explain if not where would you want to live in Columbus?

Rike: I live in German Village and I really like the historic feel of it. Although I prefer to hang in the Short, I love coming back home to the Village to relax. The brick roads, historic architecture, and small shops really make it a unique part of the city and I'm glad to call it home.

Culture Columbus: Cab, Car, Walk, Bike - what do you prefer?

Rike: In the winter I drive, but if I was hardcore enough to ride my bike all year I would. Props to those who do.

Be sure to check out Jeremy Rike's creations on Soundcloud he currently has eleven tracks posted and Culture Columbus will be expecting a lot more of his creations.


Tressel vs. NCAA

Culture Columbus wants to bring a lot of people on the journey of this blog, one person who shines in me, Cory Montell the chief writer of Culture Columbus, is my brother Matt Montell. One of his main passions in life is sports and I believe much Columbus local news tends to leave out sports. Culture Columbus is going to bring the sports back to local readers. My brother wrote this article which I found very interesting...

It would seem to be impossible to make it through a college football season without a team being punished by the NCAA for some type of recruiting or rules violation. This year it is The Ohio State University’s turn.

It all started with five players exchanging personal memorabilia for tattoos and money. Suspensions were handed out to five players prior to, but not including, the BCS Sugar Bowl. This brought about controversy because a pass was given to these players allowing them to play in the bowl game and serve the suspension after. Any positive play in that game made by one of the suspended players was quickly followed by a jab informing the listener that he was one of the suspended few.

Our beloved coach, Jim Tressel, even had his integrity and leadership skills called into question when he allowed the players to participate in the game, instead of sitting them out himself. Then, as if things weren’t bad enough, the Tressel doubters were right.

On Tuesday night a press conference was held informing the public that Tressel did indeed know that the players were involved in the rules infraction regarding the selling of memorabilia. He did not bring this to the proper authority. He tried to handle it himself, stating he was thinking about the best interest of the kids. He is now facing a two-game suspension and a $250,000 by the University. The NCAA will take a crack at him next.

It would be safe to assume the NCAA will increase the suspension to match that of the players, but who knows for sure. It would have been safe to assume players would be suspended as soon as an infraction occurred, not after they played one more game.

Being a die hard Ohio State fan makes this hard to write. Thankfully we have the #1 men’s and #18 women’s basketball teams about to start their tournament runs. Let’s just hope we don’t have too many reminders about the football teams miscues.

-Matt Montell weekly writer.